14 Jan

There’s a strange feel about the Christmas season for me. I get all excited looking toward the birth of Jesus, and then by 26th December, I really don’t want to sing Christmas carols in a church service. That’s it, turning from 25th to 26th December. This year felt a bit odd since there was a Sunday service after the Saturday Christmas service. We had things to do so I didn’t get to church on the Sunday and strangely, I didn’t mind one bit.

I went to St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne for the first Sunday of the new year, and the Christmas carols had abated somewhat. The visit of the magi was the focus of the sermon. Quite a change over the years from “Yay! Kings visited!” to “Hey, these were magi and don’t get fooled by that carol about we three kings”.

This post by Nadia Bolz-Weber made me think more about this season, including how we may have read a story but we do not necessarily *know* it.

We are familiar with the big star shining above the top of the manger scene. But know that this light, this star which led these magi to the Christ, is a light that shines for you too. This light which points to God shines for all of humanity: Samaritans, magi, tax collectors, high priests, Herod, and the people who put Santa and swine in creche scenes.

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