Sock Wars

28 Jan

Rose is Rose

How do socks end up without their pairs? I put two in the wash, and somehow only one makes it to the clothesline, or only one makes it from the clothesline back into the house.

The other day I found that I had only washed one of each of the pairs of socks. Somehow there were naughty socks playing hooky in the bottom of the clothes basket in the laundry, hiding from me by sneaking behind the woollen jumper which I should have washed in December (oops! It’s January 28!).

DD’s socks do the same thing. I’ve got one bright pink Barbie sock. Now honestly, the second sock can’t be hiding with that sort of colour.  Mind you, DD has a tendency to take off her socks at school or childcare and I don’t find out there’s a missing sock until we get out of the car at home.

Much as I work on my own organisational skills, I know DD needs some skills of her own. It’s a long, long path.

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One response to “Sock Wars

  1. humanitarikim

    January 28, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Sigh… the never-ending sock mystery. It happens to the best of us! I keep spares in the cupboard above my dryer until a mate shows up to pair it with. Be brave in your continued fight for matched, clean socks!!


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