How did you find me?

17 Feb

Yes, this is a good blog for keeping in touch with friends.

All the same, it is quite interesting finding out what search terms led people to my blog. Let me share some recent ones:

  1. sock wars 2011
  2. bad things kid do
  3. meowmie is watching me o n o
  4. sock wash
  5. sydney morning herald danielle sparks
  6. bragging about cat in christmas letter

I didn’t realise I was so obsessed with socks (surely a phrase to pop up in a search engine) or that my panic about missing school socks had affected my marbles.

Bad things kid do – oh come on, at  least get verbs and nouns agreeing, please.  At least I wasn’t found by bad motherhood.

I think #6 is hysterical. I am really tempted to do a Christmas letter for 2011 now, including bragging about the cat and my daughter, both of which are cute, funny, attractive and completely irrational at times.

ETA: It’s true. I have a sock obsession. I socked DD’s white socks in nappy cleaner and scrubbed them and they are now hanging on the line in semi-pristine wonder. At least they’re hanging in pairs so I don’t have to search for their mates.

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