Being a pet owner

22 Mar

Being a pet owner means putting up with the crappy bits as well as the good, heartwarming bits.

Sigh. Our ancient tabby cat seems to have an eye problem. She’s had problems with her eyes at different points over the past few years so I tend to get worried whenever I see something happening. Of course I found out she had a problem this evening after the vet’s had closed so now I have to arrange something tomorrow.

She is a darling cat, full of charm, most attractive with mackerel stripes and a white tummy and a cheery chirp and meow. She doesn’t do a lot nowadays, preferring to move from one warm, sunny spot to another, ignoring birds, and smooching up to any visitors.

So it’s back to juggling dollars to work out how I can afford the vet’s not-inconsiderable fees now that I paid for an entire year on my car’s registration. I really should have done 6 months only. I won’t go on about the March bills but it’s enough to make me shiver.

I’m feeling pretty down at the moment.  I joked to my mum tonight on the phone that this is the universe putting things back to the normal order after having a lovely weekend 9 days ago. I wish I were joking. I guess after nearly 18 months of utter crap, I have changed from being an optimistic person to someone who is bowed over, neck exposed for punishment from a dark universe.  Consequently, my poor logic thinks that a good time is followed by something awful, often out of proportion, and almost begs that extraordinarily good things only come in tiny portions. Awful thinking, wrong thinking, but also completely understandable.

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