Decluttering the back shed

11 Jul

Back home after a weekend away and I’ve started my holidays – just a short week.

Of course, the way to celebrate bright winter sunshine is to put on a coat and old shoes and enter the dark cave of stinkiness, um, the back shed, in order to get through more darn boxes of who knows what.

Well, there was a reward for my persistence. I found a vase that I’d been looking for (never unwrapped after we moved here in 2002) and a Staffordshire cat which was given to me as a birthday present by my employers in London in 1992. I’d been looking for that cat. No wonder I couldn’t find it – the box was clearly marked “Vases”. Memo to self: put better labels on boxes when we move next year. *Detailed* labels.

I also found balsa wood tulips (for the person who never remembers to put water in vases), and a copy of The Kama Sutra for Cats by Burton Silver. The tulips can go to the charity shop, ditto the glass bowls and paperback books from another box. If I’m serious about removing the clutter from this house and sheds, I’ve got to be ruthless about unwanted, unneeded possessions.

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