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05 Aug

The newest blog to go on my favourites list is by the talented, heart-achingly honest Lorelei Vashti.

The photograph today is of a gold and black striped dress.

When I went home for Christmas in 2002 I bought this dress for $20. I put it on when I got home and declared that I felt like a thirties-era Tallulah Bankhead. My brother said I looked like an eighties-era RSL club.

I’d say Tallulah Bankhead. Go for it!

The studio photographs are by Lee Sandwith. (I want Lee to take my photo. Honestly.)

There is an article about Lorelei

If only I had the guts to share my thoughts. What is it about clothing that can pull out such fraught or precious memories? Like the appalling checked shirt with a bow that I wore through several years in the early 80s. Or the shiny magenta silk shirt that I borrowed from a housemate and looked fabulous in. Any photo from that time doesn’t show the sheer sexiness I felt at the time.

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