School rules gone mad

12 Aug

I’m in favour of children learning to behave well in all aspects of their lives – it’s an ongoing process and it takes a long, long time.

Nevertheless, I think that a policy to make an entire primary school class go to the toilet when only one wants to go is completely nuts.

One parent said she only became aware of the trial when her daughter wet herself at home and told her she had held on because: “I didn’t want the whole class to have to come with me to the toilet. […]

[The principal] said the “whole class” method of toilet break supervision was “used successfully by some other schools” and was being tested by some classes.

For child psychologists’ take on this nutty policy, see this:


I can’t imagine an adult’s union putting up with this. I don’t remember having to put up with this as a primary or secondary school student. Amazingly, we were expected to to go to the toilet during breaktime, and if there was a need during class, we had to put up our hand and wait for the teacher’s permission. Not hard. A 5-y-o can do this very well.

Thank goodness the policy seems to have stopped and now replaced by a policy where the students go to the toilets in threes.



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