Music lessons

11 Oct

DD has stopped piano lessons at the urging of her mother. 🙂

She was wasting her time in the lesson, looking everywhere except the piano or the music, sighing, saying she was tired, and I rather think that the piano teacher deserved someone who was paying more attention.

DD is all of 5.5 years old. She was the one who wanted lessons but at $30 a half hour lesson, her darling mother can continue them.

Oops, that means me. Oh.

I guess we’ll start lessons at home tomorrow.

BTW, I’m not one of those fanatical mothers who pushes her darling child into every activity she can think of. DD asked for music lessons, I committed to a term, and now she is thinking she’d like to have lessons from me. There is a real drawback to that in that at her age, I have to supervise every practice at home and consequently the little darling gets about 5 lessons a week if I’m in charge. The good thing is that her letter/note recognition is improving.

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