Being in the moment – Zen with kids

27 Feb

Sometimes I wonder where my weekends have gone. Sometimes it’s the late afternoon or early evening. One moment you’re chugging along steadily doing the usual stuff, and next thing it’s bedtime.

I know what causes this time to disappear. This is when I can push chores to the side and play with my daughter. We might be playing with Lego, creating another house or maybe a palace. We could be colouring in a picture of a princess or Dora the Explorer. Maybe we’re just lying on the floor discussing life, school, funny things other kids do, and how important cats and dogs are.

Whatever it is, it’s good for parents to enter their children’s world now and then or even more often. Remember what it is like to be a kid, rushing round like crazy on a scooter or a tricycle, climbing a tree, looking for bugs in the garden, investigating what’s under leaves and bark under the gum trees in the park. Kids are shorter and see things from a different angle. They’re amazed at things adults take for granted. They see fantastic shapes in clouds, and notice every dog in the neighbourhood while we’re trying to drive from point A to point B.

This time to savour the moment, ignore the clock, and be with your kid is an amazing time.

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