How to lose a customer- Telstra and Transact

12 Apr

Guess how long it takes to get Transact to request a new broadband connection to a flat? Well, going on ancient paperwork and steam-powered computers, I would say a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks.

Guess how long it takes Telstra to get off its seat and install said connection *after* Transact has very, very slowly gotten around to requesting it? Not 2 to 5 business days. Instead it is *25* business days! Can you believe it?

So … while I am stuck in my new flat without an internet connection, unable to conduct business, I cannot request a loan of a wireless modem from Transact. They Oh So Generously said I can apply for compensation – but only once the connection has been done.

I spent a total of 59 minutes and 10 seconds on this useless, go-nowhere phone call.

Ladies and gentlement, I show you how to lose customers. Don’t come up with solutions, be as slow as possible, act all helpless and OMG I can’t do anything about this.

Better still, boycott Transact and Telstra. Uselessness and sub-standard connection times should not be rewarded.

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One response to “How to lose a customer- Telstra and Transact

  1. jan2132

    April 12, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    That business has two extremes, hopeless, helpless and the other is helpful. A friend would use no other and has always found them helpful.

    None of my family including two IT, computer guru sons would go anywhere near them. Rude, unhelpful, incompetent and more. One son is still waiting after 18 months for the visit they supposedly had to make to his home to allow another Telco to instal net access there. He delved deep into website and did the necessary himself online and a home visit was never needed at any time, even if he hadn’t done that.

    Not long after another company set up my access here a year ago and did it promptly as well, access dropped out. TPG spent hours trying to track fault. It actually wasn’t their problem. A T*****a employee here had been in the room downstairs where all such wiring for whole apartment block is, and had switched things around to suit himself. This cut off my access. They took several days to fix it.

    Can you use a stick modem type thingy for a while? I understand your frustration. Another son said that if he met someone new who said they worked for that firm, he would be hard put not to flatten them. I know he wouldn’t but frustration was high.


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