Comparison of different childhoods

26 Jun

New Yorker article on “Why Are American Kids So Spoilt?”

Read this article this morning – oy vey. What an eye-opener!

Somewhat relieved that I make Miss 6-y-o, my DD, do chores. It’s expected that she can get herself dressed and that she can pack her schoolbag (granted, with a little nudging some mornings). She feeds the kitten and I clean the kitty litter. Those sorts of things. If she sat back and expected me to pander to every requirement, I would go nuts pretty quickly and doing everything for her would do her no service whatsoever. I want her to grow into a resilient, reliable, thoughtful adult.


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One response to “Comparison of different childhoods

  1. Jan

    June 26, 2012 at 10:18 am

    My children did age appropriate jobs and yes, sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s messy and it’s always easier to do them myself. But that’s only temporary.

    How else do they learn some responsibility and how a family unit works, however that’s made up.

    All my grandchildren (2 of 3 sons have children) have set chores to do. There is some complaining at times but heck, I complain about doing things too and I have only myself to blame if I get up in the morning and kitchen is messy.


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