Listen with your heart and have courage

17 Dec

I was fascinated by this piece called “Courage to Care” by Sarah Berry.

in her renowned Ted talk on the power of vulnerability, Brene Brown reminds that the origin of the word courage comes from the latin, ‘cor’, meaning heart. When the word entered the english language, she said, its original definition “was to tell the story of who you are with your full heart.”
If courage, as distinct from bravery, is seen in this way, it is about keeping your heart open to others. It is not always coming up with a solution or jumping into action.

I’m not saying I’m courageous. But I can attest to the power of listening with ears, mind and heart. Over the years, I have had many strangers confide in me, speaking about their depression, heartache, worries and anxieties. I didn’t seek out these people; somehow they found me. I may not have anything wise to say, so I often keep my mouth shut while listening, giving them my full attention. What else can I give? And yet, somehow, they seem to have got some comfort by talking to a stranger.

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One response to “Listen with your heart and have courage

  1. jan2132

    December 17, 2012 at 10:47 am

    I attend a very non-typical SydAng church in inner Sydney. The priest says he is often stopped by people in the street for a talk or a request for prayer. This happens even if he is in civvies, not clericals. Lovely guy, I can understand it happening.


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