Getting a haircut doesn’t hurt but an MRI can

08 Mar

But getting my hair washed in that Basin of Doom and Discomfort does. I go to that particular salon because I like the skills of the hairdressers and have always got nice cuts. In fact I followed that hairdresser from his previous salon.

The only drawback is having my hair washed prior to the cut. The seat at the basin can’t be moved. Consequently I end up with my neck hurting and me fidgeting, and then my stupid stupid neck nerve pain cuts in. (That would be an additional motive for not getting my hair dyed either – more time in the Basin of Doom.)

Anyway, I have taken my Lyrica capsules diligently, took one more this morning as I usually do, and crikey, the pain from my neck and left arm is still quite annoying. My left hip and ankle ache and ache. And no particular painkillers help for that stuff given that most of it is neuropathic pain.

And so help me, if one more person recommends chiropractors or herbs or acupuncture, I will scream my head off, despite how rude it would appear. I have tried it all. Seriously. My GP is not averse to trying alternative therapies even though it hurts my purse. 🙂

I got an MRI of my neck a couple of weekends ago. I didn’t know that nuclear scanning places opened on the weekend but I think it’s the only way they can get through all their patients. The MRI was not pleasant at all, to put it mildly. I had to lie still in a metal tube and the non-existent padding underneath caused back spasms. Then the neck and arm spasms started. I could hardly contain myself. There may have been tears and I may have been holding my breath at different points because the pain was excruciating, ending with my pointer and middle fingers having pins and needles and going numb. Each time. You can see why I have been eager to find out why this darn pain happens.

Net result, it’s not all in my head. (You have no idea how many times people with chronic pain hear that.) I have various problems with discs and spurs and so on. Now what do I do? My consultant forgot to write me a referral to a neurosurgeon so I have to chase that up.

I should add now that the haircut looks sweet. DD approves, though she doesn’t approve the creeping skunk line of where I haven’t been colouring my hair. DD also approves of the adorable little shopping precinct where the hairdresser is, and was thrilled with a gluten free, vegan brownie. I would have taken a photo but she was too fast!

Additionally, here’s a pain scale to give you an idea of what can be happening with a fairly silent chronic pain sufferer. We’re not trying to make life difficult, we want to participate in life and fun activities but honestly, sometimes the pain drives us nuts. Hyperbole and a Half really knows how.

Pain Scale


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2 responses to “Getting a haircut doesn’t hurt but an MRI can

  1. Little Gumnut

    March 8, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    oh you poor poor thing. Sounds like agony and all for a haircut!

    • Meowmie

      March 14, 2013 at 9:26 am

      And days and days later, it still hurts. I feel like a bit of a wuss but I am very fond of these Indonesian pain patches with menthol and stuff in them. I look like I’m covered in bandaids, but hey, whatever works!


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