And then I got bronchitis

20 Mar

I didn’t know I had bronchitis. I felt unwell for about three days, went to work, saw friends, felt like total rubbish and thought I was having problems with asthma. I dutifully took my asthma puffers etc.

On Monday I was barking. Not barking mad (that is apparently my default setting), but the sort of cough that makes the cat run for the hills and DD say “Mummy, that is not a good cough but at least you covered your mouth.”

I went to work. Because what else would I do while running a temperature and being fuzzy-headed? I was sent home after a couple of hours because my workmates couldn’t stand the noise I was making. Just as a precaution, I went to the doctor on the way home. Sure enough, I was actually ill. I was so impressed, I made sure to get a medical certificate so I could say to my boss (who doesn’t like me taking sick days) “See? I really am sick.”

I’m taking erythromicin tablets which my stomach objects to. I found these work better after having a bit of food first. I’m not going through yesterday’s unlovely phase of retching etc. Best to draw a veil over that … All this on top of having Rulide for sinusitis a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll get some live yoghurt to eat today. Sure, I know it’s a good thing to have that stuff while on meds, but when you’re the only adult in the household, it’s not a given that one will remember these sorts of things while in a fever fuzz. My mother-in-law has kindly taken DD to school which is an enormous help.

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One response to “And then I got bronchitis

  1. jan2132

    March 20, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Hope you feel better soon. bronchitis is nasty.


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