The Politics of Playdates

29 Jul

Heck, it’s hard enough working out playdates with adults (y’know, bromances, girlie crushes, etc.).

When the little critters you’re trying to put together to have fun are in primary school, then it just gets silly. Fortunately DD has some fabulous friends who are so much fun to have over here at our place to play. We walk to a nearby playground, rush round the wetlands, play on the swings and slides and climbing equipment, meet strange dogs and sometimes meet new little kids, too.

And then there are the playdates that make Mummy reach for a Valium or two.

I was amused to read 10 Kids you don’t want to invite for a playmate.

I’m pleased I haven’t met a number of those little horrors (maybe you shouldn’t be eating anything while you read about #1), but let’s say that the kid who thinks it’s ok to rummage through my pantry or my bedroom will not be invited back. Even worse are The Terminator and The Wolf. Those kids find out what my crabby face is. I tell their parents what they’ve done. (That’s not tattling – that’s considered parental networking in Meowmie World.) What’s wrong with these kids? Who said they didn’t have to pay any attention to boundaries? Do they do this at home?

Anyway, such children don’t tend to get invited back.

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One response to “The Politics of Playdates

  1. Little Gumnut

    July 29, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    oh I LOVED that article! I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!!!


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