Ah, Saturday!

14 Sep

DD let me sleep in an extra half hour this morning. The only drawback was that I didn’t get brekky before we headed off to DD’s swimming lesson. But hey, we were at the lesson just one minute before it started, and DD and the Little Cat Prince had both been fed and watered before we left home.

DD’s favourite snack (early morning tea) is part of a meat pie after swimming. Not every week, but an occasional treat at Costco. Mama gets a latte as a reward for being a good mama and watching DD’s swimming lesson. 😉

Yes, we’re Costco members now. Thanks to Costco, we’ve tried different foodstuffs, experimented with different products (not an easy thing for a person who is so mired in routine as I am), and sometimes made some stupid purchases. In the latter case, I would include the purchase of Elizabeth Arden moisturiser which reacted with my skin and frankly, smelt kinda funky. Of course, I couldn’t find the receipt so I was stuck with the horrible stuff.

Also, US sizes are waaaaaay different from Australian sizes. Those knickers didn’t have a chance in proverbial to fit my curvy butt. Fortunately I still had the receipt so I could return them.

DD who is still on a semi-vegetarian regime, has decided that bulgogi beef is actually rather yummy. Last night we had the beef cooked quickly in a non-stick pan, plus boiled potatoes and vegs. Yummy! Then DD had custard and tinned peaches.

I have to admit that sometimes I despair at finding nutritious meals for two that I can manage to prepare with limited spoons at the end of a tiring day. Chronic pain disorder will do that to you. - Why do they want dinner every single night?

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One response to “Ah, Saturday!

  1. little gumnut

    September 14, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    I love that image! So true!!!!


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