A little privacy here, please!

25 Oct

bathroom kitty

A friend told me that I would go for a few years hoping that I could use the bathroom in peace, now that I had a little kid. She was right. As soon as I got into the shower, for example, there’d be a hollerin’ and a yellin’ letting me know that something was happening.

Fortunately DD is less likely to do this nowadays, being Miss Seven-and-a-half-years-old. I still have the occasional interruption while I’ve got shampoo in my eyes, usually along the lines of “How do you spell such-and-such?” or “Can we get a Monster High doll when we go to Costco?”

Just as DD got out of the habit of barging into the bathroom, along came the Little Cat Prince. From a young age, he was fascinated with whatever might be happening behind a closed door, especially the door to the en suite bathroom. DD reckons the cat is looking for Narnia.

I reckon he likes watching the water drops run down the shower screen as well as playing near the plug hole afterwards. He has been chased out of the shower base because he’s ended up with a totally drenched bottom and tail from sitting in a puddle!

The Little Cat Prince also believes that hoomins who are sitting on the porcelain throne are fair game for attention. He pushes aside the sliding door and immediately starts to wrap around the fortunate hoomin’s ankles, purring all the while. This is from a cat who normally doesn’t show lots of overt affection. He’s British, after all, said a friend!

The Little Cat Prince also tries this trick with visitors and those who weren’t watching while shutting the bathroom door will find there’s a cat “helping” them, whether they want it or not!

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One response to “A little privacy here, please!

  1. rmudge

    October 26, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Silly kitty! My cats have an obsession with people in the bathroom too.


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