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It’s Sunday

So I’ll share something I enjoyed from “Stuff Christians Like”.

This one is by a guest blogger, Aaron Summers. It’s Could Star Wars actually be about the early church?

For example:

Han Solo – The brazen one who often acts and speaks before thinking. This is the Apostle Peter. He is conflicted at times between the Jews and Gentiles but settles in to a leader position.

Hmmm. That’s a start.

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Little Gumnut – words of wisdom

I love the blog Little Gumnut and I especially loved her list of “I wish someone had told me”. Oh hon, I wish I’d read your words of wisdom, too!

One particular piece of advice is one I will repeat here:

Working at your relationship is an activity, not something you can afford to be passive about. Passivity leads to the relationship lapsing just as much as unresolved arguments.

I admit that when I was lazy about working on my relationship with DH, letting things slide, not being observant etc. then this wasn’t good. On the other hand, putting in the effort will nearly always produce results. In the last 6 months or so of our marriage, DH and I were getting along famously – it almost felt like when we’d first met. I am so very, very grateful for the love and kindness and fun that we had together.

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Dress blog

The newest blog to go on my favourites list is by the talented, heart-achingly honest Lorelei Vashti.

The photograph today is of a gold and black striped dress.

When I went home for Christmas in 2002 I bought this dress for $20. I put it on when I got home and declared that I felt like a thirties-era Tallulah Bankhead. My brother said I looked like an eighties-era RSL club.

I’d say Tallulah Bankhead. Go for it!

The studio photographs are by Lee Sandwith. (I want Lee to take my photo. Honestly.)

There is an article about Lorelei

If only I had the guts to share my thoughts. What is it about clothing that can pull out such fraught or precious memories? Like the appalling checked shirt with a bow that I wore through several years in the early 80s. Or the shiny magenta silk shirt that I borrowed from a housemate and looked fabulous in. Any photo from that time doesn’t show the sheer sexiness I felt at the time.

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A little girl writes to God

And why not? Though I bet she and her father didn’t think that the Archbishop of Canterbury would send her a letter.

Lulu Renton was asked to write the following letter: “To God, How did you get invented?”

Here is the link to +Rowan’s reply.

A thoughtful reply, one that gives us insight into +Rowan’s thoughts and theology briefly, and one with grace and love.

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And the mummy wars rev up again

Splat!Blog entry by Evan Maloney here. He commented on the article on Gen X women drop out of workforce.

From the article:

Only 38 per cent of Generation X, tertiary qualified women worked full-time, compared to 90 per cent of Generation X, tertiary qualified men, in a University of Melbourne study.

Life Patterns claims to be Australia’s longest running study of the lives of young people, tracking a group who left school in Victoria in 1991.

Its leader, Professor Johanna Wyn, said most of the group’s women, now aged around 37, had ranked career as their highest priority when they left school. […]

Professor Wyn said Australia’s workplace policies had also taken their toll on the health of Generation X when compared to counterparts in a similar Canadian study.

I feel I have been a wee bit brainwashed by some of the comments that regularly accompany *any* blog entry that may be interpreted as pro or anti SAHM or working mom. Even one entry here where the plea was why can’t we all get along, there were problems further down the comments. There are *always* screams that nobody understands the plight of the working mom who is torn between her career and her children, or how expensive childcare is, or how her partner isn’t picking up the slack, etc. And similarly there will be screams that nobody understands the work that an SAHM puts in, the rewards and annoyances that she gets each day, and (OMG my favourite ever) IF YOU REALLY CARED, YOU WOULD GIVE UP YOUR JOB AND YOU COULD LIVE ON ONE SALARY. Please excuse the screaming capslock. As a widow, I think that one is hysterical and I have only avoided smacking some inconsiderate women because I can’t reach my arms through teh interwebs to administer some justly-deserved punishment.

So, the comments on this Australian blog are normal. Go figure. People who are Gen X, some who are Gen Y, men, women, people of different ages, some who don’t have kids, a few who whinge their pants off, others who show an unexpected kindness and understanding, and those whose candour would, in comment on a Momformation blog post, would see them scorched to the seventh level of Hell for admitting that motherhood is complex and sometimes unhappy and unrewarding.

Please don’t get me wrong. I value the many blog posts at Momformation, the bloggers’ humour, sense of perspective, sense of justice, their curiosity about the world, their honesty and more. I’m thinking of Beth Hering, Betsy Shaw, Joyce Slaton, Jamie Lee, Kristina Sauerwein and more. I think some of the regular commenters are fabulous, also. I may not agree with them all, but I look forward to their comments, as familiar members of the community!


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How did we wreck the kids?

Opinion piece from The Punch here by Catherine Warnock.

Speaking to parents of teens (and maybe I’m reading it as a warning as a parent of a four-year-old), she says

The good news is that we should get an award for being so patient, hardworking and benevolent. The bad news is that said award is unlikely to be forthcoming any time soon (not unless the kids can borrow a few bucks from us to buy it).

And the second bit of bad news is that we have made this rod for our own back. Yes, us.

I know we don’t want to believe that all our efforts might be the very reason for the kids behaving badly in the first place. After all, we love our kids and want the best for them. We’ve even mistakenly thought that giving them everything they want is the way to do that—but that’s where we are wrong.

I love the advice she gives following that. Common sense, compassion, and looking towards the future. Sure, there is no such thing as the perfect parent, however, it’s our job to be a good role model to our children.

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Rules for My Daughter

Nah, not those sort of rules.

I’m thinking of “Rules for My Unborn Son”, and the post at MommyCoddle here.

It made me think about what I would have written for my daughter:

Keep dancing all through your life.

Listen more than you talk.

Check your bank statements and keep the receipts.

Part with a kiss – every time.

Learn to accept graciously, and be a gracious giver.

What advice would you give?


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