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Possibly the silliest and most uncomfortable idea this month

Nah, make it this quarter.

Because, who wouldn’t want undies that are basically a sanitary napkin held by clear bra straps?

invisible undies

Sorry if you were trying to eat something when you saw that image.

I am grateful to Mamamia website for this little gem.

To be fair, these undies haven’t gone into production yet and the inventor is seeking seed money.

For women of my age, these look like the horrid sanitary napkin slings that our mothers endured before the easy-to-use sticky backing was put on pads. I can’t honestly think of anyone who sees the resemblance who would willingly buy one of these.

And one good fart would make the entire undies not only invisible but also in smithereens!

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Knitting Evil

knitting evil

knitting evil 2

Those poor dogs, chosen to model those garments.

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More awful clothing for children

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School rules gone mad

I’m in favour of children learning to behave well in all aspects of their lives – it’s an ongoing process and it takes a long, long time.

Nevertheless, I think that a policy to make an entire primary school class go to the toilet when only one wants to go is completely nuts.

One parent said she only became aware of the trial when her daughter wet herself at home and told her she had held on because: “I didn’t want the whole class to have to come with me to the toilet. […]

[The principal] said the “whole class” method of toilet break supervision was “used successfully by some other schools” and was being tested by some classes.

For child psychologists’ take on this nutty policy, see this:


I can’t imagine an adult’s union putting up with this. I don’t remember having to put up with this as a primary or secondary school student. Amazingly, we were expected to to go to the toilet during breaktime, and if there was a need during class, we had to put up our hand and wait for the teacher’s permission. Not hard. A 5-y-o can do this very well.

Thank goodness the policy seems to have stopped and now replaced by a policy where the students go to the toilets in threes.



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Decorating a car – kids show how it’s done

funny car photos - Never Let Your Kids Detail Your Car
see more That Will Buff Out

Aaaaaand that is why I don’t let DD put magnets on the car. Our car would be covered with fairies, pink ponies, 10 magnets from the plumber, and 6 from the metal recycling service. None of which would do anything for my reputation. 🙂

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How did you find me?

Yes, this is a good blog for keeping in touch with friends.

All the same, it is quite interesting finding out what search terms led people to my blog. Let me share some recent ones:

  1. sock wars 2011
  2. bad things kid do
  3. meowmie is watching me o n o
  4. sock wash
  5. sydney morning herald danielle sparks
  6. bragging about cat in christmas letter

I didn’t realise I was so obsessed with socks (surely a phrase to pop up in a search engine) or that my panic about missing school socks had affected my marbles.

Bad things kid do – oh come on, at  least get verbs and nouns agreeing, please.  At least I wasn’t found by bad motherhood.

I think #6 is hysterical. I am really tempted to do a Christmas letter for 2011 now, including bragging about the cat and my daughter, both of which are cute, funny, attractive and completely irrational at times.

ETA: It’s true. I have a sock obsession. I socked DD’s white socks in nappy cleaner and scrubbed them and they are now hanging on the line in semi-pristine wonder. At least they’re hanging in pairs so I don’t have to search for their mates.

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“7 Mummy Sins”, but not apparently the ones done by Daddy or Aunty or Uncle …

Seriously, the title of this article stinks. On the surface, it looks like one of those tee-hee, look at me, I do some daft things as a mummy and maybe some of them are ill-advised, so hey, let’s get some so-called experts give their take on it, and voila, here is an article with a snappy headline. And blow me down if I didn’t get caught in the trap of reading the darn thing.

Let me save you time. Basically you aren’t a bad mum if you feed your kid the occasional dinner of baked beans instead of a gourmet meal of pureed organic vegies and a teeny bit of steak from a named cow, or if your kid goes through a phase of only eating one or two things. Things are getting questionable if you use tv all the time to babysit your kids, or if they’re drinking from a baby bottle when they’re old enough to go to preschool. It’s inadvisable to give kids sweets every day – keep them as a “sometime” treat.

WHY is it necessary to make the mother the sinner, the evil one who has to cut corners to get things done, who does things sloppily or holds onto old habits because she doesn’t have time to work on new habits or behaviours? How about coming up with “7 Daddy Sins”? Let me start the list, thinking of some men I have known in the past.

“I leave my kid watching TV all afternoon while I sneak off to my study to play wargames.”

“I take my kid to fastfood restaurants because I couldn’t be stuffed cooking a proper meal for myself and my kid, and besides, I don’t really like vegies and I love hamburgers.”

“I do everything to get out of looking after my kid and I call it babysitting when I do look after him.”

Go on, make your own list!


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