A little whinge

My pain notices from different parts of my body are getting all scrambled.

I can no longer tell the difference between sinusitis, TMJ pain, and toothache. It’s taken me a week to work out that the gum around a back molar is extremely tender, especially around the tooth itself, and I have got a dental appointment for next Monday morning. (Friday morning at the moment.) Of course, if I could work out where the dratted pain is coming from, I’d have a better chance of getting an appointment for the right part of me and earlier, too.

Meh. Fibromyalgia and chronic pain disorder. Vile. Utterly horrible. Lest you think I’m really a whinger, I should add that I’m working full-time while dealing with this crap. Even if I weren’t, I am starting to think that really I deserve to be cared for and given some kindness rather than being expected to suck it up.


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Apres un reve

Would you believe, this was my choice of lunchtime music today. Gerard Souzay is a premier interpreter of chansons and I am utterly charmed by this version of Apres un reve.

I’m busy preparing various piano accompaniments for a number of pieces for a concert in 2 weeks. Not that I’m worried, much. But guess where I will be spending most of my evenings? Yes, right at the piano stool yet again so that I do not embarrass myself. 😉

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Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed!

Busy church morning, much singing, hymns that were much loved.

Something lovely to share – one of my favourite hymns.

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A little bit of loveliness for Easter Saturday

The incomparable Marilyn Horne and Joan Sutherland singing “Mira, O Norma”. Ah, this is a wonderful duet!

And now this:

Joan Sutherland singing “Allejua” from Mozart’s “Exsultate, jubilate”. Ah, lovely.

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Australian coffee

No secret that I love my morning coffee. And the afternoon coffee.

For the uninitiated, this is a guide to the Australian way of drinking and preparing coffee:

For my US friends, this is probably why lots of Aussies have a bit of a problem drinking standard coffee in the US. I guess we’re not used to filter coffee that sits on a heater. I’m still teased about how much milk I needed to put in Starbucks coffee, for example.

At home, I sometimes use a coffee plunger  but I’m more likely to use a cafetiere like one of these, bubbling away on the hob.

And then there’s my in-a-hurry-baby-get-me-dat-coffee-now coffee maker.
Yup, it’s not the most utterly fabuloso thing ever, but hey, it’s fast, it’s utterly drinkable, even for coffee snobs, and it makes me happy and bearable first thing in the morning.

I rarely drink instant coffee. It has a funny aftertaste.

So what do I order in a cafe? A flat white. Boring name, but I’ll leave the description to Dom Knight from the article above:

A cup of steaming baristartery often topped with a little leaf or love heart which is completely pointless when immediately covered by a plastic takeaway lid. The flat white has begun conquering the UK and US, and I’m fully confident it’ll become the world’s favourite morning coffee – the balance between the flavour of the coffee and comfort factor of the milk is perfect to begin the day. I reckon ordering a flat white says nothing much about you except that you like coffee.

I’ve had my flat white for the morning. I’m good to go. 🙂



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Happy Christmas!

Busy Christmas for me, slightly less so for DD since she didn’t have to sing at mass and have a rehearsal before the service.

Lunch with the in-laws, then we visited a friend late afternoon. DD received (I think) too many presents. In a way, I’m relieved she liked the presents I gave her – a doll and some books. Sometimes it seems like a present race, to see who gives the best presents and who gains a child’s love the quickest by giving expensive gifts.

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Possibly the silliest and most uncomfortable idea this month

Nah, make it this quarter.

Because, who wouldn’t want undies that are basically a sanitary napkin held by clear bra straps?

invisible undies

Sorry if you were trying to eat something when you saw that image.

I am grateful to Mamamia website for this little gem.

To be fair, these undies haven’t gone into production yet and the inventor is seeking seed money.

For women of my age, these look like the horrid sanitary napkin slings that our mothers endured before the easy-to-use sticky backing was put on pads. I can’t honestly think of anyone who sees the resemblance who would willingly buy one of these.

And one good fart would make the entire undies not only invisible but also in smithereens!

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