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The big rain

Or at least its Canberra equivalent.

It rained overnight. There is a flood warning for the Molongolo River. I suspect Sullivan’s Creek and Ginninderra Creek will fill quickly, too.

When I went outside in my japara, I fully expected to find the cats building an ark. I found a new puddle right in front of the garbage and recycling bins (approx. 5 cm deep, i.e. enough to get my shoes wet). I do not own gumboots. Bother. The Canberra Times is saturated thanks to the silly way they seal it in plastic. Sure enough, the water seeped through the seams and now the bit below the fold is impossible to read.

The cats have announced that they wish to spend the weekend in the back shed, preferably with meals delivered. I understand. 🙂

Now off to the hall cupboard to see what I have in store for a rainy day for DD so that she can have some fun this afternoon after her dance lesson.

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Exercise the lazy way

Dog walking while you drive the car. A man was caught walking his dog (lead out the window of the car) while driving very slowly on a little-used road. He was fined and lost points off his licence.

About 15 years ago I lived in Kambah, which, like many Canberra suburbs, has a veritable rabbit warren of small, quiet streets. One summer night when coming home from choir around 9 pm, I rounded the corner and had to brake suddenly. In front of me was a yellow Kombi van driving very slowly, hugging the curb. I thought maybe the driver was in trouble. Then … I saw it. Walking on the nature strip was a huge dog on a lead which lead into the van. Sighing, I put on the indicators and overtook the van and thought no more of it. Until today when I read the BBC online news item.

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Rain last night – all over the clothes that we’d accidentally left on the clothesline. Oh well. They might dry out today.

After being on water restrictions for so many years, it seems churlish, even downright anti-social to complain about any rain. You’re likely to be glared at if you mention any sport or activities curtailed by precipitation without putting the A.C.T disclaimer of “Of course, we really need the rain and I’m grateful for what we get.”

The nerines are all green and dressed up with no flowers.

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