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Busy 2016

Already heading towards the end of the first half of the year. Goodness, I’m not sure where the weeks have gone!

DD is now 10 and she has discovered activities that she loves to do that work with her need for space and her need for downtime. She acknowledges she loves to spend time with her friends and to do fun things, even if it’s only watching a DVD together. The only drawback is that I end up having to help organise these get-togethers. She feels it dreadfully when friends have to pull out of an activity or their parents decide they’re going to do something else after they’d already committed. I have to do a lot of soothing of hurt feelings then.

Cat show coming up. That means the Washing of the Cat will happen tonight.


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A little privacy here, please!

bathroom kitty

A friend told me that I would go for a few years hoping that I could use the bathroom in peace, now that I had a little kid. She was right. As soon as I got into the shower, for example, there’d be a hollerin’ and a yellin’ letting me know that something was happening.

Fortunately DD is less likely to do this nowadays, being Miss Seven-and-a-half-years-old. I still have the occasional interruption while I’ve got shampoo in my eyes, usually along the lines of “How do you spell such-and-such?” or “Can we get a Monster High doll when we go to Costco?”

Just as DD got out of the habit of barging into the bathroom, along came the Little Cat Prince. From a young age, he was fascinated with whatever might be happening behind a closed door, especially the door to the en suite bathroom. DD reckons the cat is looking for Narnia.

I reckon he likes watching the water drops run down the shower screen as well as playing near the plug hole afterwards. He has been chased out of the shower base because he’s ended up with a totally drenched bottom and tail from sitting in a puddle!

The Little Cat Prince also believes that hoomins who are sitting on the porcelain throne are fair game for attention. He pushes aside the sliding door and immediately starts to wrap around the fortunate hoomin’s ankles, purring all the while. This is from a cat who normally doesn’t show lots of overt affection. He’s British, after all, said a friend!

The Little Cat Prince also tries this trick with visitors and those who weren’t watching while shutting the bathroom door will find there’s a cat “helping” them, whether they want it or not!

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Cats in Art

Edvard Meownch

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The Little Cat Prince

The Little Cat Prince

He has decided that if it’s cold, he will give up on his huffy nature and will instead take over any warm spot on a bed. That night, it was DD’s turn. 🙂 BTW, he hasn’t grown completely and is already 5.5 kg. No fat, just a heckuva lot of thick fur and a sturdy frame.

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All cats like to sit in boxes.

cats in boxesleopard in box

The Little Cat Prince likes to sit in a pink plastic washing up bowl which is a bit small for him. I could hear awful noises in the middle of the night and tiptoed into the loungeroom to investigate. It was His Highness sleeping in a funny position in his bowl, snoring like some wild beast.

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Historic cat

Have a look here at Kiddo the Airship Cat.

Kiddo eventually got used to the vagaries of a cross-Atlantic flight on an airship after a rough start, and when he arrived in New York, he was feted like a celebrity!

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Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

es, the Little Princess is now 7 years old. She’s glorying in getting taller. She reads chapter books that have pictures in them. She refuses to go to sleep if she hasn’t finished reading her book. She leaves LEGO blocks all over the bedroom floor, and her dirty clothes don’t always get to the hamper.

On the other hand, she is kind, amusing, dramatic, funny, thoughtful, sensitive and an all round good gal. She has a wicked twinkle in her eye sometimes and she sees the funny side of many things. (This is what watching “Shaun the Sheep” when you’re 2 years old will do to you.)

She adores the Little Cat Prince, who is growing all the time, and she carries him around like an oversized sack. He looks rather unimpressed at this but generally stays peaceful, just pressing his paws against her nose to indicate that yes, he would really like to have his feet on the ground, preferably right now, if it isn’t any trouble.

Dinner with the family tonight at a restaurant. I am not up to cooking dinner for numbers larger than two. In fact, given how chronically tired I am, I am not really up to going out in the evening either, but one must do these things.

Her Majesty had a super party at a kids’ indoor play park with 8 of her friends. Again, it cost $$ but it was worth it for the sake of my exhaustion. She had a fabulous time and so did her friends. And I didn’t have to clean up afterwards.

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