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Where did the week go?

I think that I should make a resolution – at least a resolution to write here more often!

I have been struggling through The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’m not in the mood for that style of prose and despite being a fast reader (tho not a speed reader per se), in one reading session I only got to page 50. If I don’t pick up my rate, that’s where it’ll stay! OTOH I hooned through a Get Fuzzy book of comic strips as relaxation before going to sleep.

That, I think, is the trouble with my reading patterns. I read before I go to sleep, and only occasionally during my lunchtime. At night, I really don’t want to read things that will agitate me and keep me awake after having to deal with insomnia and rotten sleeping patterns in 2007 and 2008.

I am intrigued by the reading order for Biggles books. There are some of my much-loved books on that list and I suspect that as an eight-year-old, I read many in the correct chronological order. It looks like the author, W.E. Johns, went through a compass stage in 1938 with Biggles flying East, West, North and South. Anyway, maybe Biggles would be suitable bedtime reading. You can stop laughing now.

One lazy summer day, I rediscovered my love of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, and another week I found I liked Malory Towers a bit more than St Clare’s. I think the monkey put me off. I say that I’m buying these books off Ebay for DD, but really, I’m kidding myself.

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Me me me!

Oh yes, it’s all about me. Mimi celebrated her second birthday by letting us in to the secret of her ownership of everything. That is, everything that isn’t yucky (another new word). The most annoying one is “my sheat” (referring to my recliner, not Daddy’s whose recliner remains his).

For some reason, sit and seat both start with “sh”. This worried certain people a bit, but seriously, Mimi has no idea what the first means and the second involves making her bed and she’s not at all interested in that. Making a hullabaloo about it doesn’t achieve anything, except perhaps make her interested in the mispronounced words. Modelling the correct pronunciation in response is a lot easier. I remember using that technique time after time when I was a foreign language teacher. Enough to drive anyone mad when done for hours every day.

Most of the time Mimi doesn’t bother with a noun after “my”. Simply pointing or (even better) grabbing the item while hollering “my” is enough to denote possession.

Apparently “looka dere” now means “say what that thing is”, the newest form of torture while trying to read her a book. DH read a book about a farm yesterday and patiently said the words for every critter, building and piece of vegetation on the page.


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