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Happy Christmas!

Busy Christmas for me, slightly less so for DD since she didn’t have to sing at mass and have a rehearsal before the service.

Lunch with the in-laws, then we visited a friend late afternoon. DD received (I think) too many presents. In a way, I’m relieved she liked the presents I gave her – a doll and some books. Sometimes it seems like a present race, to see who gives the best presents and who gains a child’s love the quickest by giving expensive gifts.

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Photos of the day – Pets and Christmas

“Pets in Christmas Costumes”

Sweet gallery! I love how most cats look thoroughly unimpressed about being stuffed into decorative hats etc for a photo. I should try the Little Cat Prince and see if he’s interested in dressing up … Ha ha!


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Funny cat in a Christmas tree

Christmas cat stuck

Yeah, I know, cats can be a total pill about Christmas trees. We had a Blue Somali who climbed our tree each year. We’ve had other cats who simply redecorated whichever branches they disapproved of.

Our new cat, the Little Cat Prince, simply sits on presents and messes up the paper. I’ve had to re-wrap several gifts already. OTOH, we don’t have a Christmas tree worthy of his attention. We bought a little conifer and it’s sitting on the balcony ready to be re-potted in a much bigger pot.

I was going to re-pot the tree last night but after fixing up the herbs (sweet basil, Thai basil, lemon thyme, sage) in new pots, my shoulder and arm couldn’t take any more work. Maybe tonight.

Maybe I’ll post a photo of our growing balcony soon.

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Today’s Christmas cats

Christmas cats

Even as I look at this picture, I can hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing “We Three Kings”. It’s amazing how strong musical memories can be, and how early one can be influenced by what one hears as a child.

My family owned an LP (this was pre-CD days, children, and long before iPods and digital downloads) which had a wonderful selection of Christmas carols. “We Three Kings” was one of the carols on it. We were banned from listening to “The Twelve Days of Christmas” because Mum couldn’t stand that song – nor, for the matter, can I nowadays since it seems neverending and rather pointless. We also didn’t listen to “What Child is This” because my parents couldn’t stand the male singer’s voice. It’s going to drive me nuts, wondering who that singer was.

One of my favourites from that album was “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson. Here’s the Boston Pops’ version.

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Christmas carols are overdone

Grumpy cat deck the halls

I find that I avoid shopping malls this time of year because the endless looping of Christmas carols drives me nuts. I like singing some Christmas carols, but only up to and including 25th December. Yes, I should be cheerfully singing Epiphany carols at church but by then I’ve had a surfeit. Even now, I’ve given up going to most Advent carol services. (Shock! Horror!)

Partly that’s because DD wriggles; partly because my back hurts sitting on hard chairs or pews; partly because I’m sick of hearing carols.

Bah humbug!

OTOH, I am happily wrapping up presents that I bought online, or at shopping malls or local shops during the year. I’ve learnt the only way to keep my sanity is for me to keep out of shops in December. 🙂

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There’s a strange feel about the Christmas season for me. I get all excited looking toward the birth of Jesus, and then by 26th December, I really don’t want to sing Christmas carols in a church service. That’s it, turning from 25th to 26th December. This year felt a bit odd since there was a Sunday service after the Saturday Christmas service. We had things to do so I didn’t get to church on the Sunday and strangely, I didn’t mind one bit.

I went to St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne for the first Sunday of the new year, and the Christmas carols had abated somewhat. The visit of the magi was the focus of the sermon. Quite a change over the years from “Yay! Kings visited!” to “Hey, these were magi and don’t get fooled by that carol about we three kings”.

This post by Nadia Bolz-Weber made me think more about this season, including how we may have read a story but we do not necessarily *know* it.

We are familiar with the big star shining above the top of the manger scene. But know that this light, this star which led these magi to the Christ, is a light that shines for you too. This light which points to God shines for all of humanity: Samaritans, magi, tax collectors, high priests, Herod, and the people who put Santa and swine in creche scenes.

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We had a lovely time on Christmas Day with my mother, brothers and their in-laws. Very busy, lots of delicious food, far too many presents for DD, and we were all tired by the evening. Basically how it should be!

We had some success with DD and managed to get her into some thicker, stronger fabric leggings and pants given how she is such an active kid and tries to climb and clamber over everything. For a kid who wasn’t a climber in the house when she was a toddler, she has turned into an adventurous little thing. I’m thinking of taking her to the indoor rock climbing place over the holidays. I’m sure she’ll have a good time.

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