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Housework begone!

pet sweep

If you have a Siamese cat, this would be great for dusting high shelves. You could get a wet version for kitty kitchen counter surfers, too!

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Clean house in winter

Article on how to clean a feather doona.

Simple, doesn’t cost much, and similar to what I do for my doonas. (Duvets).

After you get out of bed, air your doona and mattress. I usually leave bed-making until about the time that I leave the house so the bed gets at least an hour of being aired. (Hey, it’s also a kitty playground while the kitten jumps around the pillows and doona! 🙂 )

Article on keeping stainless steel taps etc. shiny in the bathroom. Instead of baby oil, I use a wax-based polish like Mr Sheen, sprayed on a soft cloth and then rubbed on the taps.

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Moving house


New flat, new kitchen. Seen here in its pristine, pre-cooking condition. It’s an induction cooktop and I have no idea what to do with one of those. I’m vaguely competent with gas cooktops, ok with electric ones, and this, well, it’s all new to me. Looking at this reminds me I must chuck out more rubbish from my current kitchen cupboards. 

Rule #1 of moving house: Don’t move rubbish. Rubbish goes in the bin and you do not pay removalists to shift it from one place to another.

Rule #2 of moving house: Keep the kettle on the kitchen bench; don’t pack it away. You will be the removalists’ friend if you provide them with cups of coffee or tea and biscuits. Thinking of that, don’t pack away the coffee and tea!


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Tomorrow – open for inspection!

Why yes, we are having our 5th open house tomorrow. I can’t believe how fast time flies.

The house is looking close to immaculate. I write a to-do list on Fridays or Thursdays. Mine includes the following:

Empty rubbish
All newspapers to the recycling
Hide wastepaper baskets
Fresh towels in the bathrooms
Flowers for living room
Sweep steps and back deck
Tell cat to behave herself.

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Moving house and finding a real estate agent

I have chosen a real estate agent and signed a contract with her agency.

Choosing an agent is hard. I recommend seeing 3 agents from different agencies.

I also went to open houses run by different agencies to see how agents ran their open house hours. I have to say that there were a couple of agents that I wouldn’t trust to sell a dog kennel. I could see heaps of good points that they should have pointed out, they needed to be polite and friendly without being overly friendly, and to take the opportunity to assist potential buyers. One agent looked like he wanted to get back to playing a game on his iPhone, while another would have rather read a newspaper.

I had no idea how much newspaper ads had gone up in price – it’s horrifying! To be frank, I rarely look at the newspaper real estate section nowadays. I go to online domains such as, which is the website of choice for Canberrans seeking property. Plus there’s the national websites. Needless to say, I am spending money on a good photographer and and the agency will be putting photos on these websites.

I am still in the major decluttering phase. Items that have to go out of the house to make it seem tidy but are considered utterly valuable by DD have now gone into Grandma’s garage. I am very grateful for her help with this.

Then there’s the garage sale. I am excited and nervous about it. It’s going to be this coming weekend. I really, really hope we can move lots of items. Lots and lots. Especially books.

I have some helpers coming this weekend for painting and curtain help. Yay! I have to get out the sugar soap and wash some walls before then and knowing my physical limitations, I will be cautious and take my time doing that. I notice that I need to do some sanding on a couple of walls, too.

Then there’s the hardest bit. Might not be the hardest bit for you, but it is for me. I have to find MATCHING paint for the walls and doors. Oh boy.

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Moving house – nervous

Looking at an April settlement date for the new place. This means getting off my butt and finishing off all the darn things I have to do to this house in the suburbs. Had one interview with a real estate agent earlier this week. Another one today. Will make a decision tomorrow about which one I’ll take on.

I’ve contacted my solicitor re conveyancing. Left a message with a house cleaner and a carpet cleaner. Family coming next weekend to assist with painting which means I have to sugar soap the walls and do some sanding back before then. Just as well I have no social life.


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Decluttering the back shed

Back home after a weekend away and I’ve started my holidays – just a short week.

Of course, the way to celebrate bright winter sunshine is to put on a coat and old shoes and enter the dark cave of stinkiness, um, the back shed, in order to get through more darn boxes of who knows what.

Well, there was a reward for my persistence. I found a vase that I’d been looking for (never unwrapped after we moved here in 2002) and a Staffordshire cat which was given to me as a birthday present by my employers in London in 1992. I’d been looking for that cat. No wonder I couldn’t find it – the box was clearly marked “Vases”. Memo to self: put better labels on boxes when we move next year. *Detailed* labels.

I also found balsa wood tulips (for the person who never remembers to put water in vases), and a copy of The Kama Sutra for Cats by Burton Silver. The tulips can go to the charity shop, ditto the glass bowls and paperback books from another box. If I’m serious about removing the clutter from this house and sheds, I’ve got to be ruthless about unwanted, unneeded possessions.

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