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More awful clothing for children

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Looking for a winter hat

I have a charcoal felt hat with a black grosgrain ribbon but I need something else, I think. I can’t find my leopard print beret, my knitted newsboy hat was critically panned by my best friend, and I have a big head. Seriously, it’s so big and I’ve got thick hair, that I end up looking at blokes’ hats. Not quite what I’m looking for.

There is only one available according to the website,

Go there. Enjoy the creativity. There should be more people going round in winter wearing a jellyfish hat.

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That’s what?

That would be my reaction this morning when I looked at the new shirt I wore yesterday. Purple satin, gorgeous, did I mention expensive, too?

The little mark from beetroot came out when I handwashed it using Sard soap. I hung it on the line on a sweater hanger and looked at it about an hour ago after it had dried.

Oh boy. There are *other* marks on it of unknown provenance. I suspect butter from my DD’s little hands. Grrrr. So, out with the soap, and the shirt is now soaking in a bucket.

Did I also mention that this was meant to be my new favourite shirt for wearing out to dinner or to the theatre? No? Well, who knows if it will remain a favourite for long if it remains a magnet for all sorts of unlovely marks. I’m thinking I should have worn a white cotton shirt with maybe a beige or taupe pattern. That could have at least been bleached.

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Small Things

Yup, I’ve gotta celebrate the small things.

In the neverending decluttering project, I cleared out the top drawer in the main bathroom and scrubbed it clean. Now it contains new soap and toothpaste.

One big box out of the back shed now. I threw out old SCA garb that was covered in cobwebs and smelling musty. Honestly, I don’t have time to refresh the garb, iron and hand it to the hospitaller – that is, if I knew who the local hospitaller were. Hobbies change, fashions change, and I daresay my pathetic sewing attempts would be met with derision, i.e. rather like when I was a paying member of the SCA.

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More on clothing

I wrote about horrible clothing for children last week

Here is a gallery of appalling clothes that readers of the BBC’s website submitted in response to an article there. Tartan, everyone wearing sweaters in the same maroon wool, dressing all the kids the same, capes, ponchos, you name it.

On a more serious note, an Oklahoma newspaper had an article about dressing kids so they aren’t picked on. One seventh grade boy doesn’t want to go to school because he’s dressed in second hand clothes, the only ones his mother can afford.

He said “It was horrible. I didn’t think the day would ever end. The kids just kept picking on me, laughing about my clothes, and all I wanted was to go home. I don’t want to go back to school because I don’t have the right clothes and that’s all that matters to the other kids, having the right clothes.”

Now to girls’ clothes. These House of Dereon ads had my eyeballs rotating in astonishment. This is the fashion line owned by Beyonce Knowles and her mother, Tina. Are these kids or Bratz dolls? Not fashion. Not fun. Not on my kid – ever!

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Fashions for your children

Article from the BBC website here, 2 October 2008.

I believe it is a rite of passage or maybe many rites, to have sartorial sins committed against one as a child. (My DD is lucky having relatives and friends who know what styles and colours look lovely on her.) Parents are the chief offenders, dressing kids in appalling clothes, followed by grandparents and fond relatives. Here are some of the reasons I’ve found:

  1. There was a discount on a bolt of fabric. Since Sewing Relative had bought so much, it stood to reason to make four matching outfits – skirts, shirts, ties, even trousers if they felt up to it.
  2. It was on sale. Four famous last words.
  3. It looked nice in the shop. But appalling on the poor little tyke who got stuffed into that frilly jacket or maroon flares.
  4. You’ll look just like me! Sometimes, just sometimes, that can work. But if it involves plaid, paisley, corduroy, velveteen or sparkles, just put the outfit down and walk away from the cash register …
  5. I wore one like that when I was a child! Fashions change. Sure, if you had a neat blue skirt or a plain white shirt, that would work in nearly every decade. But fluffy mohair sleeveless jackets from the early 1960s are an acquired taste.

Some of the most humiliating moments of my childhood involved wearing the “wrong” thing. The wrong shorts for PE at school is a poor choice for a child who is already bullied.  The out of date trousers, the haircut that was a decade out of date.  I wish I could say that these were amusing incidents but judging by the embarrassment I recall from Young!Me, that’s unlikely.  I know that some people say “Oh, you could be a trendsetter by wearing different things!” That presupposes that the poor blighter has a strong enough personality to rise above the humiliation of those who tease, chant, prod and pull remorselessly.

I enjoy reading Lindsay Weiss’s blog at Baby Center, who combines trendy tips and sensible advice with a good eye for proportion and co-ordination. She makes me think more about how I dress myself for my different roles and believe me, I haven’t given too much attention to that for a few years so it’s good to think about it. Now I need to think about how I dress my DD, my Pink and Purple Princess. She liked her ensemble of black and white striped babydoll top and black three-quarter leggings with pink transfer, plus hot pink shoes. She looked a whole lot better than me!

Of course I should think whether I am “spoiling” her with taking care over her choice of clothes. Or that I’m letting her get her own way because I had a rotten time with clothes as a kid. There are some who think I should “bend her” to my will rather than letting a 2.5 y-o choose her clothes in the morning. What would that achieve? I say “Pick your battles”. Establish ground rules (warm enough in winter, cool enough in summer), remove items from the wardrobe that are going to be contentious and hide them in my own, and then see what she comes up with. I’m not going to get fussed over what DD wears most times. If it looks odd I’ll say that DH chose the outfit. There are more important things to  think about in this world.


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