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Writing – and the sound of hippos with beer caps on their feet

I’ve been flat out working and writing recently and have neglected this poor little blog. Sorry, darling.

Oh, and the constant round of doing things with my darling daughter. Like dance lessons – how adorable and annoying can they be? Answer: limitless. We’re not allowed to see what the kids are up to in the ballet/tap class so we are guessing what they’re up to by the noise coming out of the studio. Some bits I imagine are very sweet. The tap dancing is, um, interesting. Pleasingly they are improving their timing and the taps are somewhat more rhythmic and sounding less like hippos with beer caps on their hooves. It was nice to see what the kids do at the mid-year recital although the hall where the recital was held was really quite cold (annoyance at that was mitigated by the relative briefness of most items, though).

Coming up in November is the annual dance concert. DD will be in costume and will do something sweet, I imagine. I hope, anyway. I have of course invited close relatives. I will, as usual, pay for photos (here’s hoping they’re considerably better than the ones taken at the mid-year recital). I will, probably, bring cotton wool to put in my ears depending upon how the sound system goes. And maybe slip a pre-mixed G&T into a water bottle for a swig at strategic times. (OK, probably kidding on that one.)

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What do little girls like?

I have to say that this opinion piece from The Sydney Morning Herald today disturbs me. It’s meant to disturb me, and it taps into several of my fears as a mother to a little daughter.

Shona Snowden asks What do we teach our little girls?

Their cheeks glow with all the health of peach blusher and their lips pout under sticky pink lip gloss.

They are five.

Only two years ago the hips clad in electric-blue hot pants were wrapped in layers of Huggies. The pale little midriffs gleaming beneath tasselled mini-brassieres felt only the softness of pure cotton and terry towelling. At night they still snuggle in cot beds with teddies and bunnies, with a night-light on; some with a reassuring nappy concealed under their pink pyjamas, a secret not shared with Miss and the Big Girls at dancing.

Please read the rest of it. It’s only short.

DD isn’t too keen on going to dance classes and is happy to do preschooler gym activities, more to her liking. But I suspect that sooner or later she’ll be enthusiastic about learning more about dance, maybe when she’s four or five, and I know that I’ll be pulled into that maelstrom called “Dance School”. It’s not the fussing about having a clean leotard and hair pulled back into a bun; it’s the choice of music, the dance moves that are meant for a girl many years older, and the concepts that many teenagers don’t manage well, let alone preschoolers.

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