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More on moving house

This afternoon three neighbours came over and helped pack my books, DD’s books and my sheet music, plus the plasticware and kitchen tinware. I have 6 wine boxes (fit 6 bottles of wine each) full of books to take to the charity shop, plus I now have to go through DD’s wardrobe, DH’s wardrobe (still some clothes there) and mine (not many clothes to chuck out now).

Not so much to go in the recycling bin or the rubbish bin. That’s good. That means I’ve been sufficiently ruthless in the past weeks on those locations.

One drawback – lots of darn stuff that need to be shredded before disposal. I’ll get through that this week.

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Moving house


New flat, new kitchen. Seen here in its pristine, pre-cooking condition. It’s an induction cooktop and I have no idea what to do with one of those. I’m vaguely competent with gas cooktops, ok with electric ones, and this, well, it’s all new to me. Looking at this reminds me I must chuck out more rubbish from my current kitchen cupboards. 

Rule #1 of moving house: Don’t move rubbish. Rubbish goes in the bin and you do not pay removalists to shift it from one place to another.

Rule #2 of moving house: Keep the kettle on the kitchen bench; don’t pack it away. You will be the removalists’ friend if you provide them with cups of coffee or tea and biscuits. Thinking of that, don’t pack away the coffee and tea!


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I’m sick of all this!

Yes, I’m sick of keeping an immaculate house at all times. I’ve admitted it. 🙂

Things I need have been tidied away, not in filing cabinet drawers or desk drawers, but in unfriendly boxes in the back shed or tucked behind clothes in the wardrobes. I had to buy a new packet of envelopes because I simply couldn’t find the packet I’d already opened (and then tidied away!) in early February.

Of course, Little Miss Tidy was so tidy, she tidied everything away and couldn’t find things again!

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Decluttering – still!

I’m horrified to see how much stuff I’ve put in the garbage bin already, and the trash pack is full a week and a half before collection. Of course, there is a fair amount of garden waste in the trash pack.

The back shed is calling me. There are approximately 10 boxes of doom waiting in there for me to fight spiders and pull out ‘treasures’. I did find some very old fanzines that I will keep, and EVEN MORE books. Seriously, how many books does a person really, really need? I figure if I haven’t needed those books which DH put in the shed, then they can go.

I have boxes of books to donate to the Lifeline Book Fair. There are 4 garbage bags of clothes and knick-knacks and kitchen goods to go to a local charity shop. Anything that is not of saleable quality has gone into the rubbish.

I am very grateful for my mother-in-law’s help. She is helping letting people in for cleaning etc as part of the house preparation. This is wearing me out more than I thought it would. I was rather worried this morning, feeling a pain where my gastric band is, and wondering if I had lifted a box that was too heavy. Here’s hoping it’s not serious.

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Decluttering the back shed

Back home after a weekend away and I’ve started my holidays – just a short week.

Of course, the way to celebrate bright winter sunshine is to put on a coat and old shoes and enter the dark cave of stinkiness, um, the back shed, in order to get through more darn boxes of who knows what.

Well, there was a reward for my persistence. I found a vase that I’d been looking for (never unwrapped after we moved here in 2002) and a Staffordshire cat which was given to me as a birthday present by my employers in London in 1992. I’d been looking for that cat. No wonder I couldn’t find it – the box was clearly marked “Vases”. Memo to self: put better labels on boxes when we move next year. *Detailed* labels.

I also found balsa wood tulips (for the person who never remembers to put water in vases), and a copy of The Kama Sutra for Cats by Burton Silver. The tulips can go to the charity shop, ditto the glass bowls and paperback books from another box. If I’m serious about removing the clutter from this house and sheds, I’ve got to be ruthless about unwanted, unneeded possessions.

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Imagine my study

only substitute a plain PC for cool tech, a small child for Star Trek staff, and bloody boxes for tribbles! That’s right. I cleared up one room … and the darn junk did not miraculously disappear into a portal. It went into my study.

Celebrity Pictures - Star Trek
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So that’s where it went

That’s the feeling of the past weekend.

With help, I have gone through one of the garden sheds. The trash pack and the rubbish bin are now full and there are bags beside the trash pack. Way to go! I was horrified to see what was sitting on the shelves of the shed. Paint tins that dated back maybe 8 years. An oil can that had rusted out on the bottom. And, oh horrors, a redback spider that DD pointed out to me. Thank goodness she doesn’t like spiders and didn’t touch it.

One shed up the back is meant to be a children’s play house. It was used by DH to store some of his weather-proof things. Those have been taken away by his fellow hobbyists. Now there appear to be some aluminium shelving struts and so on there. I will phone the recycling company to see if they will take it for recycling. No sense in wasting metal. Besides, that will save me some space in the trash pack.

The lawn looks very neat. The gardener came on Friday and did an excellent job mowing the lawn and trimming the edges. When the strong wind abates, I think I’ll go out wearing protective gear and use glyphosphate on the leafy weeds that refuse to get a clue. Some are very resistant to my skills with a daisy weeder. We also have an invasion of sticky weed, blasted stuff. It’s in all the corners of the garden so I guess that the winter rains and wind and sweet spring sunshine have been exactly what that weed wanted.

There are two white irises blooming now. The blue ones are being shy. The tulips have shown foliage but no blooms. We have lots of star flowers and some brilliant daffodils. One lavender bush is in full bloom and it won’t be long before I can harvest it.

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