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Hi there

A busy year. I am not having the best time at work. I am having problems with anxiety and depression and the help I’ve received so far is only sort of working.

I can’t get my crap together – being dragged down by pain from fibromyalgia as well as spine and nerve problems. I figure I’m doing well actually getting Miss 9 into her uniform and off to school with a packed lunch.

Part of trying to look after myself (hard as it is) is me deciding I will cut back on committee service. I’ve left one, and another one I will finish with this week.

I guess I need a holiday and a job that makes me happy.

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A little whinge

My pain notices from different parts of my body are getting all scrambled.

I can no longer tell the difference between sinusitis, TMJ pain, and toothache. It’s taken me a week to work out that the gum around a back molar is extremely tender, especially around the tooth itself, and I have got a dental appointment for next Monday morning. (Friday morning at the moment.) Of course, if I could work out where the dratted pain is coming from, I’d have a better chance of getting an appointment for the right part of me and earlier, too.

Meh. Fibromyalgia and chronic pain disorder. Vile. Utterly horrible. Lest you think I’m really a whinger, I should add that I’m working full-time while dealing with this crap. Even if I weren’t, I am starting to think that really I deserve to be cared for and given some kindness rather than being expected to suck it up.


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