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Alzheimer’s Disease and Women

Alzheimer’s Disease and Women

Oh my. There I was, just going through articles on the BBC website and I can’t across this.

Alzheimer’s Disease affecting more women than men

more women develop depression – and depressed mood has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s. Other risk factors affect only women, such as surgical menopause and pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia, both of which have been linked to cognitive decline in later life.

But wait! There’s more:

Social roles, such as caregiving, also may increase the chance of developing dementia. Some research has shown that being a caregiver is, in itself, a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, says Annemarie Schumacher, a health psychologist. In the UK, some 60-70% of all unpaid caregivers looking after someone with dementia in particular are women.

This is without wondering about any hereditary aspects.

To think I was just looking forward to becoming una gattara in my old age. Maybe I should stock up on prosecco and Aperol.

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Ow ow ow!

I lost part of a molar a week ago. Got a temporary filling today and I’m going round with a droopy mouth. I look kinda funny but that’s the price you pay. Be glad I’m not posting a photo!

It’s hard to drink from a cup, bottle or straw, I’ve discovered. I also have to go and teach singing very soon so I’d better make sure my mouth can at least help form singing vowels!

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Clean house in winter

Article on how to clean a feather doona.

Simple, doesn’t cost much, and similar to what I do for my doonas. (Duvets).

After you get out of bed, air your doona and mattress. I usually leave bed-making until about the time that I leave the house so the bed gets at least an hour of being aired. (Hey, it’s also a kitty playground while the kitten jumps around the pillows and doona! 🙂 )

Article on keeping stainless steel taps etc. shiny in the bathroom. Instead of baby oil, I use a wax-based polish like Mr Sheen, sprayed on a soft cloth and then rubbed on the taps.

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Work stress and the single parent

Article at

The suicide prevention group R U OK? conducted a survey of 800 people (if you want to know more about that group, go to their website at .The highest risk group for extreme stress at work was middle-age single parents. Oh great, sighs the middle-aged widow here. Just what I didn’t want to know.

But I can see why it is so. No denying it. It is the stress of getting not only oneself up and going in the morning, but also a child (who may or may not be co-operative 🙂 ), the desire to do a great job at the workplace and to contribute to society through one’s work, and the desire to be a really good mum and family member. The stress of being the only person who is keeping track of a child/children’s progress, time commitments, needs and wants. The lack of downtime as an adult to do rewarding leisure activities that do not directly involve a child.

Can I add that it is not helpful for judgmental people to say “Well, you shouldn’t work until your child is old enough to look after herself/himself”? If I didn’t work, I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage. I would have to go on the waiting list for public housing, which is currently a 2 year wait. I would have to find a place to rent, which would take up a large amount of any welfare benefits I may receive. And DD’s life would be put in turmoil with a change of domicile, school, leisure activities and closeness to family and friends. I’m not going to do that.




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That’s why I haven’t posted recently. Some rotten person has passed on a mild respiratory tract infection that would probably mean a day of unpleasantness for a healthy person. For an asthmatic under stress, it means an asthma attack, fever, more bloody prednisone tablets, time off work that I can’t afford, and sinusitis to top it off.

I would sleep to get better but I keep waking myself up with my own coughing. I felt guilty this morning when DD told me in the car that she had heard me coughing during the night. Poor darling, she needs her sleep, and I let her sleep in this morning. Tomorrow we’re back to the usual nose-to-the-grindstone routine. There has to be more to life than this. I’m not saying that I think that women can have everything in their life. I’m just saying that I’d like some of the crap removed, thanks.

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C’mon, get happy!

I thought I’d have a go at the Spin assignment and this week it’s Happiness.

A little part of me wishes it were as simple as the Patridge Family make it seem. A whole lotta lovin’? You gotta be kiddin’! Tho I had a little crush on one of the boys.

Just to continue the irritation:

OK, now I’ve got that out of my system, here’s a philosophy on happiness.

You don’t get to be happy all the time. There are no guarantees. Happiness sneaks up like a cat on soft paws and jumps in your lap with an unexpected weight (and joy!). It is in the small moments. Sometimes it’s in a surprise. Sometimes it’s in the big moments, though meeting those big events with an expectation of happiness to be there can end up in a big let-down.

You can’t rely on another person to be the source of your happiness. You can create happy moments for yourself and also hope that you will give some happy moments for others.

Happiness is not the be-all and end-all of existence, but it sure beats a lot of other things. As a depressive, I learnt to appreciate and love the sweet moments of grace through unexpected happiness – shafts of sunlight in a grey life. These graces kept me going in hard times.


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Wish I could think of a witty title

The adrenaline rush that I seemed to run on for two weeks after DH died seemed to disappear. Then I became sick. The one thing that seems to make a difference between me being sick for ages and recovering well is sleep. Ah, blissful sleep! But also elusive. While I was recovering, that was when DD became ill and started coughing all night. Cue trips to the doctor trying to make myself taken seriously.

Strangely enough, when DD was given asthma medication, her coughing decreased very quickly. Not that I’m saying that I’m an expert on my child’s health.

I will refrain from going on about my work here. I come to work, I do work, I leave. I wish I had more exciting stuff to do but not in this financial climate and not under my current financial circumstances. They have me over a barrel and they know it.

I’ve gone through some more paperwork. I have to give myself a cheer every time I get another thing done. I figure no-one else will.

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