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Conversations with a 2 year old kid

Seriously, these give me the giggles every time! Doesn’t matter if you’re a mum or dad, or grandparent or big sister. Go on, have a funny Tuesday and see these four short videos where you get to see what a 2-y-o kid says, as played by a grown up man.

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Nutty kids

This really gave me a giggle.
Not that DD would do anything like this since she’s really not that interested in how boys are different. The protective mother part of me roars “And long may that last!”

I do like the drama teacher’s comment, though. 🙂

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All cats like to sit in boxes.

cats in boxesleopard in box

The Little Cat Prince likes to sit in a pink plastic washing up bowl which is a bit small for him. I could hear awful noises in the middle of the night and tiptoed into the loungeroom to investigate. It was His Highness sleeping in a funny position in his bowl, snoring like some wild beast.

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Ha! Kids and kittens are so alike!

kid and kittens

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Knitting Evil

knitting evil

knitting evil 2

Those poor dogs, chosen to model those garments.

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Drop bears – an Australian menace

My first article recommendation of the new year is Indirect Tracking of Drop Bears using GNSS Technology by Volker Janssen. Australian Geographer, Vol. 43, No. 4, pp. 445-452, December 2012.

Analysis of the collected data provides valuable insights into the hunting behaviour of drop bears and has implications for a better understanding of the geographical distribution of other rare species, including hoop snakes and bunyips.


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Housework begone!

pet sweep

If you have a Siamese cat, this would be great for dusting high shelves. You could get a wet version for kitty kitchen counter surfers, too!

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