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Possibly the silliest and most uncomfortable idea this month

Nah, make it this quarter.

Because, who wouldn’t want undies that are basically a sanitary napkin held by clear bra straps?

invisible undies

Sorry if you were trying to eat something when you saw that image.

I am grateful to Mamamia website for this little gem.

To be fair, these undies haven’t gone into production yet and the inventor is seeking seed money.

For women of my age, these look like the horrid sanitary napkin slings that our mothers endured before the easy-to-use sticky backing was put on pads. I can’t honestly think of anyone who sees the resemblance who would willingly buy one of these.

And one good fart would make the entire undies not only invisible but also in smithereens!

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Controversial Children’s Clothes

This has been a bugbear of mine since having my darling daughter 6 years ago. I’m conflicted: I want to be cool and appear to not be fussed about silly things, but the old-school feminist, pro-people-having-respect part of me gets annoyed and cross about them.

Gallery of children’s clothes here.

I mean, The Babymop is just funny. Surely no mom would think it was a real item.

But this one?

I just find this offensive. It’s age-inappropriate, not to mention that it smacks of misogynism.

The baby bikini body is just humorous to me: .

I don’t see it as making a child look older than she/he is. It’s obvious that it’s a onesie and it’s surely obvious that the little kid wearing it is years away from being curvy and filling out a bikini.

I’m not cool with onesies that have swear words on them or intimate that the child is looking for a MILF. That’s just yuck.

The more I think about this, the more my head hurts. I’m going to have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. That’s less controversial.


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Selfish dads brought into the equation

A while ago I wrote about Dr Barry Walters who claimed older mothers were ‘selfish’ for having children later in life, complete with the mothers’ possible health problems and complications.

I mentioned that it’s not one sex alone – what about the men?

Today I read an article that also asks “Where are the dads?” Damn fine question.

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You’re an older mum? Shame! You’re selfish!

Well, that’s what Dr Barry Walters says.

“I see many, many women with diabetes, high blood pressure and all sorts of medical problems and, of course, the older the woman is, the more likely she’s got medical problems,” he said. […]

But that’s just the start of it. You see, that means the older mum’s offspring will have to look after an elderly mother when they are starting out in adult life.

“They (their children) are starting out in life, having a family, working, getting mortgages and have to deal with geriatric parents,” he said. “It’s just not fair.” […]

“I’m looking at 20 years down the track. We’ve got 20 year olds with mothers who have had heart attacks, strokes and are on dialysis for kidney failure for diabetes.”

Dr Walters, perhaps you should be having a word with the “Selfish Fathers” who can’t commit to a marriage with children until they’re in their late 30s because they have spent a couple of decades thinking that some hotter, better woman will turn up, or who thinks that kids are a millstone round their neck or will drain their savings or get in the way of them partying.

Why am I an older mother? Because I was on medication for quite a few years after I was married that had serious implications for any foetus I might carry. I was sensible and chose to not get pregnant while there was a chance of that happening. Crazy, I know. It had nothing to do with how much we wanted a child or how much money we’d saved or how many overseas trips we’d taken. It was a health matter.

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If you don’t have a kid, then why don’t you shut up?

Ooh, I’m rude. I think that sometimes but so far, coming up to five years of DD and her funny behaviour, I’ve managed to keep that thought to myself. I’ve rolled my eyes or given people the evil eye but I have heroically managed to avoid telling someone to shut up if they’re not in my situation.

That said, I felt a twinge of recognition when reading Danielle Sparks’ Heckler column yesterday. Go on, click on the link and read it. If you’re a parent, you will probably recognise that feeling. Of course, if you’re self-centred and pompous and only remember bringing up children who were perfect from Day 1 and you beat them with the jug cord regularly, you will of course feel nothing for the mother and feel she had it coming because she had the audacity to take a child to Ikea instead of keeping the child at home in a quiet room until primary school.

I’ve had enough of people being rude about kids having a ‘moment’ or a tantrum in public. I’m not happy when it happens during a movie unless it’s the Mums and Bubs session at the local cinema (specifically designed for kids who have those sorts of moments). But shopping? Hey, parents have to shop at some point, not all can arrange some convenient home delivery, and kids have to get used to different groups of people, crowds, shops, atmospheres and so on.

The drawback is that occasionally a kid will chuck a wobbly, sometimes an A-grade wobbly, and people will give you “The Look”. I remember it. It’s the “How dare you” look, the “Thank God I’m childfree” look, and the “I deserve peace and quiet and have never, ever created a fuss in my entire, perfect, blame-free life”.

Thank goodness for the women and men I’ve seen at the local supermarket where kid-sized meltdowns often happen after tiring or hot days. These are the people who resolutely ignore the noise coming from the aggrieved child – thank you. And sometimes there can be a gentle word: “You’re doing OK.”

Yes, tantrums and wailing children are horrible things to hear. No, these tantrums are not designed solely to hurt people’s ears. No, it doesn’t mean we’re bad parents or the child is defective.

And if you have the nerve to say “When I have children, they won’t do that”, I may then have a hard time struggling to not say “If you don’t have a kid, just be quiet.”

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“7 Mummy Sins”, but not apparently the ones done by Daddy or Aunty or Uncle …

Seriously, the title of this article stinks. On the surface, it looks like one of those tee-hee, look at me, I do some daft things as a mummy and maybe some of them are ill-advised, so hey, let’s get some so-called experts give their take on it, and voila, here is an article with a snappy headline. And blow me down if I didn’t get caught in the trap of reading the darn thing.

Let me save you time. Basically you aren’t a bad mum if you feed your kid the occasional dinner of baked beans instead of a gourmet meal of pureed organic vegies and a teeny bit of steak from a named cow, or if your kid goes through a phase of only eating one or two things. Things are getting questionable if you use tv all the time to babysit your kids, or if they’re drinking from a baby bottle when they’re old enough to go to preschool. It’s inadvisable to give kids sweets every day – keep them as a “sometime” treat.

WHY is it necessary to make the mother the sinner, the evil one who has to cut corners to get things done, who does things sloppily or holds onto old habits because she doesn’t have time to work on new habits or behaviours? How about coming up with “7 Daddy Sins”? Let me start the list, thinking of some men I have known in the past.

“I leave my kid watching TV all afternoon while I sneak off to my study to play wargames.”

“I take my kid to fastfood restaurants because I couldn’t be stuffed cooking a proper meal for myself and my kid, and besides, I don’t really like vegies and I love hamburgers.”

“I do everything to get out of looking after my kid and I call it babysitting when I do look after him.”

Go on, make your own list!


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Exercise the lazy way

Dog walking while you drive the car. A man was caught walking his dog (lead out the window of the car) while driving very slowly on a little-used road. He was fined and lost points off his licence.

About 15 years ago I lived in Kambah, which, like many Canberra suburbs, has a veritable rabbit warren of small, quiet streets. One summer night when coming home from choir around 9 pm, I rounded the corner and had to brake suddenly. In front of me was a yellow Kombi van driving very slowly, hugging the curb. I thought maybe the driver was in trouble. Then … I saw it. Walking on the nature strip was a huge dog on a lead which lead into the van. Sighing, I put on the indicators and overtook the van and thought no more of it. Until today when I read the BBC online news item.

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