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Conversations with a 2 year old kid

Seriously, these give me the giggles every time! Doesn’t matter if you’re a mum or dad, or grandparent or big sister. Go on, have a funny Tuesday and see these four short videos where you get to see what a 2-y-o kid says, as played by a grown up man.

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Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

es, the Little Princess is now 7 years old. She’s glorying in getting taller. She reads chapter books that have pictures in them. She refuses to go to sleep if she hasn’t finished reading her book. She leaves LEGO blocks all over the bedroom floor, and her dirty clothes don’t always get to the hamper.

On the other hand, she is kind, amusing, dramatic, funny, thoughtful, sensitive and an all round good gal. She has a wicked twinkle in her eye sometimes and she sees the funny side of many things. (This is what watching “Shaun the Sheep” when you’re 2 years old will do to you.)

She adores the Little Cat Prince, who is growing all the time, and she carries him around like an oversized sack. He looks rather unimpressed at this but generally stays peaceful, just pressing his paws against her nose to indicate that yes, he would really like to have his feet on the ground, preferably right now, if it isn’t any trouble.

Dinner with the family tonight at a restaurant. I am not up to cooking dinner for numbers larger than two. In fact, given how chronically tired I am, I am not really up to going out in the evening either, but one must do these things.

Her Majesty had a super party at a kids’ indoor play park with 8 of her friends. Again, it cost $$ but it was worth it for the sake of my exhaustion. She had a fabulous time and so did her friends. And I didn’t have to clean up afterwards.

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This is what DD thought her kindergarten teacher did

I wonder how many little kids think their teachers sleep at the school.

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