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I have found several patterns for catnip mice for The Little Cat Prince. Granted, he’s not so little nowadays but he still loves playing with pretend mice.

DD was given knitting needles and a selection of various yarns by a lovely lady at church for her birthday. DD has been asking me to teach her how to knit and I’m happy to do so. Knitting is pretty straightforward once you’ve got the hand and yarn movements stuck in kinetic memory. I’m sure that DD’s doll would like a scarf for winter.

Naturally the crankiness starts in earnest when a kid sees *fabulous* knitting patterns and wants to do them – or wants their darling mother to knit those items!

In an attempt to stave off such ambition, I’ve got 3 catnip mousie patterns. The Little Cat Princes doesn’t like catnip but I’m sure he would like these. I want to get some fleece to stuff them with – much more interesting smell for him while he plays with them.

I’ll report on my progress.

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Knitting Evil

knitting evil

knitting evil 2

Those poor dogs, chosen to model those garments.

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Knitting and crochet

I love Futurama.
funny kids pictures - Bender Hat Win
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And here’s something you should never try.

It’s from the old youknitwhat blogspot blog that has been defunct for years. All the same, nothing screams OMG I’ve got new broomsticks, er, knitting needles! like this shawl, er, top, er, mad cardigan says.

For the very, very brave, you could try these adorable hats. Or not.

And sighing for times gone by, here is a truly special thing to crochet for the man in your life.

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