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The Bad Mothers’ Club is now in session

Ha ha ha!

Not that DD has done a “What we did on the weekend” diary entry like that. But you never know when she might.

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Controversial Children’s Clothes

This has been a bugbear of mine since having my darling daughter 6 years ago. I’m conflicted: I want to be cool and appear to not be fussed about silly things, but the old-school feminist, pro-people-having-respect part of me gets annoyed and cross about them.

Gallery of children’s clothes here.

I mean, The Babymop is just funny. Surely no mom would think it was a real item.

But this one?

I just find this offensive. It’s age-inappropriate, not to mention that it smacks of misogynism.

The baby bikini body is just humorous to me: .

I don’t see it as making a child look older than she/he is. It’s obvious that it’s a onesie and it’s surely obvious that the little kid wearing it is years away from being curvy and filling out a bikini.

I’m not cool with onesies that have swear words on them or intimate that the child is looking for a MILF. That’s just yuck.

The more I think about this, the more my head hurts. I’m going to have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. That’s less controversial.


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Birthday Parties

DD’s birthday party last week was the most expensive one I have ever had for her.

We went to a local indoor playground, paid a certain amount per head, plus I bought two platters of food for the accompanying adults.

The food and drinks for the kids were just right, the adults enjoyed the platters and bought their own cups of tea or coffee from the cafe there, the kids loved jumping round on the bouncy castle, climbing up steps, sliding down the slippery dips, and more. There was a party hostess, a separate party room for the kids where the gifts could also be placed, and no cleaning up.

I saved up for this. DD had specifically asked for that party room. She chose the guests (a mixture of childcare and preschool friends). She wasn’t really expecting presents, although she was delighted when people gave her presents. The best thing for DD was the chance to play with her friends, sit on a throne while being celebrated as the birthday girl, and eating a delicious and artistic cake which her clever aunt had made for her.

We do alternate years for more extravagant parties. (Yes, I am such a miser that this qualifies as an extravagant party. Remember I’m on one income.) Other years, she can have a couple of friends over for afternoon tea and playing at home or at the playground.

If you want to ping me for spending money on DD, can I divert you by pointing to the press release for Outrageous Kid Parties, and the clip of Gracie and her OTT mom wanting a party for 150 or 200 people for $15,000.

The New York Post’s Linda Stasi looks at that TV show and points out that conspicuous consumption can lead to contempt. Good point. A $2,100 birthday cake is mind blowing, especially for a five-year-old.

OK, DD, you can have a $200 party every two years. That’s the limit. You can get a lot of balloons, streamers, patty cakes, fairy bread, and raspberries for that.

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Mother’s Day

If someone asks me why I haven’t updated this blog for a while, this is my answer: “Woof! Woof!” Gotta love that asthma bark. Poor DD has it as well and thanks to her barking at night, I have had poor sleep for quite a few nights over the past week. That sleep deprivation carries on to other arenas: I’m less resilient to a number of things (including stress), I may not notice every fine detail like I usually do, and my temper gets pretty short.

Yesterday, Mother’s Day, could well have been renamed “Mom Fail Day” because that’s what it was for me. DD was a pill, and who knows how much the asthma had to do with it. She woke me early, sassed me, refused to help me and more. The behaviour continued at church and then there was the long drive for a family lunch after that. My personal, grieving meltdown in my parked car was most unattractive and I wish that DD had never seen that. She sure looked surprised, not to mention relieved when I finished.

Even today I feel like crap. Everything is too hard. I honestly didn’t think Mother’s Day would be so difficult. After all, DH usually forgot it and he didn’t see any particular reason to get me a present or a card to start with. Honestly, all I wanted was a day off, no cooking, no responsibilities, not even a special lunch or dinner or a piece of jewellery.

Bah. I hope you had a better day.

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And the whingeing goes on for ever

At least, that’s what it seems like. DD could whinge for Australia and I have to admit in a grudging fashion that I am impressed. After all, I was apparently a champion whinger myself at that age.

The supermarket is, AS FROM RIGHT NOW, a total no-go zone for DD. I simply cannot bear the whingeing for chocolate and Easter treats that starts as soon as we enter the supermarket (make that *any* supermarket). I will have to use my brains and any spare time to make sure that any shopping trip is done on my own. Seriously, what sadists would put row upon row of choccy bunnies and sparkly eggs between the dairy cabinet and the freezers? NOWHERE is safe from tooth-rotting sugary sweetness.

I should add that I have already removed the bakery from our list of places to go together because every darn time, DD whinges for a biscuit or something equally sweet.

This morning took the cake, though. While we were sitting in traffic, DD noticed a large motorbike going past in the bicycle lane (yeah, that’s wrong but let me save that for a rant later on). “Oh, Mummy, when I get big I’m going to have a motorbike of my own and I will ride on it.”

“No, darling, Daddy said that motorbikes are unsafe and I totally agree with him. Enjoy looking at them.”

Boy, oh boy. That was the wrong thing to say. The bottom lip quivered, cheeks turned red and tears started rolling down her cheeks like creeks in spring flood. “You’re mean to me. I really want a motorbike.” Etc, etc. She’s good, really good.

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Mom Fail

I am considering adding that as a category on this blog.

I failed this morning. I want a re-do but that won’t happen. I’ve been a bundle of misery and tears for the past 36 hours or more, probably thanks to my wedding anniversary coming up. This morning I was tired due to broken sleep and getting to bed late anyway, DD started whingeing for food while we were in the coffee queue, and I gave up on all hope for caffeine. I told her neither she nor I are allowed to whinge, I’d given her two warnings, and that was it.

Normally it would stop at that point, the two of us walking to the car, her in silence with tears slowly rolling down her cheeks, and me holding her hand, wondering if I could make things better either this time or next time. No, not today. I picked up the pace, still holding her hand, DD got stubborn, then tried to pick up the pace, and then fell and skinned her knee.

Bad mom. I wish I could say it stopped there but my tiredness and crabbiness meant I was not as kind as I should have been and I couldn’t believe the crap that came out of my mouth, going on about no whingeing for food.

Yes, DD’s knee was cleaned and bandaged up and she’s OK. But I am already feeling pretty vile and this was the stinkin’ icing on the rotten cupcake. To think that a happy morning turned 180 degrees so quickly. I need to grow up.

And apologise to DD when I pick her up this afternoon. A big, sincere apology.


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