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Apres un reve

Would you believe, this was my choice of lunchtime music today. Gerard Souzay is a premier interpreter of chansons and I am utterly charmed by this version of Apres un reve.

I’m busy preparing various piano accompaniments for a number of pieces for a concert in 2 weeks. Not that I’m worried, much. But guess where I will be spending most of my evenings? Yes, right at the piano stool yet again so that I do not embarrass myself. 😉

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It’s not easy being musical

Especially when everyone’s a critic, particularly your daughter.

My DD has been doing this wah wah, stop singing, stop playing the piano, no no no! routine since she was little. Rest assured I am NOT an awful musician, I sing well and nobody knows why DD will chuck a wobbly about me playing the piano or singing.

All the same, it’s slightly reassuring to see that someone like Scott Avett gets the same treatment.

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