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The Education and Care Services National Act

Article from The Australian here.

I had to check the date on that article – it is 4 April, not 1 April.

The act has been passed in Victoria, which is the host jurisdiction, and it’ll be rolled out to be passed in other states. Whether it’s done in the Territory, I don’t know. The problem with parts of this is the open-endedness of its directions which will undoubtedly be tested in cases.

Now, this isn’t a toothless law. There are fines in the thousands of dollars for breaches of the Act.

Children cannot be “required to undertake activities that are inappropriate, having regard to each family’s family and cultural values, age and physical and intellectual development”.

I can see that – not forcing children to participate in Christmas celebrations if they are not of the Christian faith, and not making Christmas cards or decorations, or writing a letter to Santa. No Easter bonnet parades, no Easter bunny, and so on. In fact, if one were to go completely potty about this, secular humanists’ and atheists’ children shouldn’t participate in that either. I guess that means my DD wouldn’t get to talk about Purim with Jewish classmates, either. (DD also likes Pesach and Hanukkah, for the record.)

Supervisors must “ensure that a child being educated and cared for by the service is not separated from other children for any reason other than illness or an accident”, the regulations state.

So, would that mean no more naughty corner? Well, at childcare centres where DD has gone, the child is always in sight of a carer, it’s only for a certain number of minutes, and the kid is usually making enough noise that nobody could forget about them. That is sensible – the child is always under supervision but they know they’re in trouble. I see that part of this section as being set up to stop unscrupulous carers from putting a child in a locked room as punishment, or to stop teachers from shoving a kid into the corridor for being disruptive, without ensuring there is supervision of that kid.

I imagine quite a few people see the entire act as political correctness gone mad. They may be right.

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Some days …

I kinda wish I went to a church with a creche or I had a child who was old enough to go to Sunday School on her own. Sure, the latter will occur soon enough, and as for the creche, I may as well wish upon the moon.

It’s just that (continuing my 10 days of it all being about me and having a pity party for one) I could really do with listening to the sermon and preparing for the sacraments with some mental and spiritual quietness. The sermons aren’t recorded and will not be in the foreseeable future.

I’m sick of receiving the sacraments with a jangling mind, trying to cajole a child into coming to the communion rail or at least to behave herself and wondering after lighting a candle for DH if we should have stayed home. Part of me is stubborn – I want DD to understand the importance that a spiritual life has for me, to know what goes on in our organised religion and maybe, just maybe, to know the love of Christ in her own heart one day.

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