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Ack, just go to sleep already!

Last night DD was being highly irritating. In and out of bed, up and down, “I keep having bad dreams”, “I’m not sleepy” and so on.

Well, sweetie, I don’t care if you’re not sleepy. It’s 9.30 pm, I want to watch my own show on TV in peace and quiet, and I deserve some quiet, “me” time as a single parent. Go to bed!

Sometimes I roar. Usually when I am exhausted, need recharging and DD has pushed every button I have. Yes, she’s sweet. Yes, she’s irritating.

I’m not marking this as a Mom Fail. I deserve time for myself. DD gets many good things. DD needs sleep. And we had to get up at o goodness o’clock this morning to take the car for servicing and we’re going to a musical this evening. Consequently, sleep is a necessity for little kids, not to mention grown ups.

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So tired!

I feel like singing that Lili Von Shtupp song from Blazing Saddles. I’m so tired! But not from that.

Woof woof! All night long. DD has *that* cough again. That cough that is dismissed by doctors as being nothing, even when it affects her breathing. I worked out I had a total of 4 hours of sleep, broken into 10 and 20 minute segments. DD looks fine this morning and is coughing a lot less. She’s pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But I dread tonight where the same old thing will happen again. It’s just me at the moment, no other adult around to take turns checking DD, the vaporiser in her room, rub Vicks on her chest and feet, give her sips of water, and so on.

We had another “fashionist” moment as I dressed DD. She declared that her purple Pumpkin Patch trousers didn’t feel nice. Fair enough, I guess. However, there aren’t a lot of other choices in her wardrobe. She wouldn’t wear the beige corduroy pants with flowers, her denim overalls, or her jeans with cherries or bees on them. She decided on a pair of jeans that are at least a size too big, declaring that because there was hot pink lining on the inside of the waist, these were “pink” and thus OK to wear. Dratted jeans wobbled around her non-existent waistline and I had to find a belt. The only belt I could find was either the polar fleece one for her dressing gown, or an orange belt from an old pair of jeans. DD proudly displayed her outfit of many colours, orange belt glowing against her purple top, partially hidden by a hot pink sweatshirt.

Just as well I was wearing sunglasses to hide my dark circles!



How to tire a mother

A Guide for Toddlers

1. Ensure you wake 30 minutes after your mother has fallen asleep. Make sure you use the tone of whimper that is never noticed by fathers, or cough, or call out for a missing toy.

2. Keep on the act even after your mother has looked after you, thus making her so thoroughly awake that sleep will evade her for at least another 60 minutes.

3. Wake up with the birds and let everyone know you’re awake.

4. When you and your mother have a nap, wake early.

5. When you’re awake, have a few tantrums. Those wear out mothers if they’re already sleep-deprived. Best to have a tantrum over things which are hard to fix, or use totally unintelligible words so your mother can’t work out how to assist you.

6. Demand delicacies and/or unsuitable food or drink ALL DAY. Refuse the finely-prepared meals that are presented to you. Scream if you feel up to it.

7. Holler and splash as much as you like during your bath, refuse to get out, holler some more while being wrestled into pyjamas, scream while having your hair brushed, and complain about being made to wear a nappy.

8. Make everything right by telling your mother “I luff you!” while giving her a hug and kiss before going to sleep.  Prepare for the next 24 hours.

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