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Things in little kids’ noses

I enjoy reading The Naughty Corner and the discussion I read today is on things that kids stuff up their noses.

Seriously weird, people. And I can say that as a confirmed nose stuffer as a kid. I put peas up my nose on a regular basis. Thank goodness Poppa knew how to get them out. Also things in my ears. Now the only things that will go in my ears are earrings through my earlobes. That’s it! I’m traumatized enough!

DD put a purple fluffy craft ball up her nose in kindergarten. I have no idea why. She claimed that it had fallen out when she was playing in the playground but I couldn’t see it on the softfall and I was rather suspicious. Increased snot flow (yuck!), funny snores, and since I had to take her to the GP the next day, I asked him to look up her nostrils. Sure enough, there was a small purple ball which he was able to retrieve with tweezers. He’s a dad, too, so he kindly provided us with a small specimen jar to keep the offending craft ball. I’d include a photo just to prove it, but DD chucks a wobbly every time I pull it out of the cupboard, citing shame and embarrassment. Obviously I’ll have to keep that for her 18th birthday party!


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Trolley wars

This is one of those articles that has me saying “For goodness sake!” Article in the Brisbane Times online today.

Brisbane City Council announced “it would make it illegal to steal trolleys and would force supermarkets to introduce measures to stop them being taken from stores in an effort to reduce the number of trolleys being dumped around the city.”

Sounds simple, yes? Here’s what the Coles spokesman says:

“We have been concerned of late that the council has engaged their own trolley collectors and they have been very aggressive in collecting these stray trolleys,” Mr Cooper said. […]
“I mean, we have stories from our trolley collectors where they are pulling up next to trolleys ready to collect them and council contractors are whizzing in in front of them and taking them themselves.

“Now, we hardly think that is the best way to manage the issue where we have racing contractors trying to collect trolleys.”

I now have a vision of shopping trolley jail:

It costs about $150 to $160 to buy a new shopping trolley, compared to the $107 charged by Brisbane City Council to release impounded trolleys.

So far, no supermarket has bothered to collect any of the 4000 impounded trolleys.

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